Horizon Origin

The Horizon Scholarship was originally conceived by Donald J. White during his term as NYSCRA President (1985-87). Ideas continued to be formulated under President Charles Foster, his successor. They matured into a viable program in 1989, under the leadership of President Felicia A. Biase, when she appointed Mr. Foster to chair a committee to implement a scholarship for court reporting students. 
This was a major undertaking and took two years to accomplish. Among other things, it involved filings with NY State for corporate (Horizon Scholarship Fund, Inc.) and 501(c)(3) status so that donations could be claimed as a charitable deduction. 
Invaluable pro bono assistance was received from a lawyer who worked with the law firm representing the Association of Surrogate and Supreme Court Reporters. 
Felicia Biase, then a staff reporter for the Kings County Surrogate’s Court, also conducted legal research in the law library of her court and received assistance from retired Surrogate Nate Sobel. 
The NYSCRA Executive Committee and Board of Directors ultimately chose the name “Horizon Scholarship Award” in order to signify that success is on the horizon for the students receiving the award. 
The first grants were made in 1991, just as President Biase was concluding her term of office.
“The Horizon Scholarship Fund is organized for the purpose of sponsoring educational and scientific projects pertaining to the art of manual or mechanical verbatim reporting by the use of shorthand symbols, with particular emphasis on training and education, and study in the advancement of the art of shorthand reporting.”

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