Welcome to Quarterly Online Testing 
Registration Opens, March 20th, 2019

We are pleased to offer online testing for the New York Realtime Certified Reporter (NYRCR) exam.  It is being introduced for a limited time only, as we gauge its success and work towards implementing a broader testing window.  

Registrations will be accepted from March 20th to March 31st.  Exams will be scheduled from April 7th to April 21st.  

Click here to register:  NYSCRA Online Testing Registration Form  

Opportunities for testing are limited to members only.  To become a member, please click here: Membership Application

Registration for the next series of tests will open the end of June for testing to commence in July 2019.

We have selected Zoom Communications as the platform to administer the test.  Here are some of the benefits of being able to test online:  

  • No traveling!  Enjoy the convenience of testing from your home or office.
  • You will be assigned an individual proctor who will work with you one on one and guide you through the setup process.
  • Schedule your test at any time on any day that is mutually convenient for you and your proctor.
  • You will be able to configure your CAT/Zoom screens and volume settings prior to the test.  We even offer a complimentary setup prior to test day.
  • You will submit your test as a PDF by uploading it to Dropbox.  No USBs or external devices are required.
  • Learn more by visiting the exam page of the website by clicking here.  

Did you know that our 60-plus NYSCRA certified reporters can immediately take advantage of available employment in the New York State Court System?  Such positions earn above-average salaries, exceptional medical, vacation, personal, and retirement benefits.    

Becoming certified earns you recognition from your peers and professionals with whom you work every day.  You too can help NYSCRA and our industry of court reporters by seeking to voluntarily certify.   

The Voluntary Certification Committee thanks all the beta testers who helped us develop our protocols. 

Please call the NYSCRA Headquarters at 856-283-7816 if you have any questions or need assistance.

Debra A. Levinson, CSR-RMR-CRR-RCR
Chair, Voluntary Certification Committee


An Important Message from NYSCRA


Once again, NYSCRA is announcing our test prep dictation classes in anticipation of the New York Civil Service lower court test being administered on June 29, 2019.  These classes are FREE to members, so if you are not a member now is a great time to join and take advantage of the classes. To become a member, please click below.

Membership Application

The test prep classes will be held on Tuesday evenings from 6-9 p.m., and Saturdays from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. so that every one of our members has the chance to attend and have the benefit of this opportunity.  There is also a plan to give test prep classes focusing on the written knowledge portion of the court test. 

  • Saturday classes begin June 1st through June 22nd at 9 a.m.-12 p.m.
  • Tuesday night classes begin June 4th through June 25th at 6-9 p.m.

The classes are being held at Plaza College, located at 118-33 Queens Boulevard, Forest Hills, New York, on both Tuesday and Saturday.  If you attend a Tuesday night class, you won't be able to attend the Saturday class, and vice versa.  We will be live streaming the classes, so if you are unable to attend in person you can attend via the live streaming.

To register for any of the sessions please click below: 

NYSCRA Test Prep Class Registration

Please call the NYSCRA Headquarters at 856-283-7816 if you have any questions or need assistance.

Nancy Silberger 
NYSCRA President




NYSCRA is pleased to announce that the New York State Unified Court System will now recognize our voluntary certifications, the RCR and ACR, for provisional employment.  Our ACR and RCR members are immediately eligible to earn above-average salaries and receive both medical and vacation benefits. 

Voluntary Certification Committee Chair, Debra A. Levinson, CSR-RMR-CRR-RCR, worked closely with OCA to encourage them to recognize NYSCRA’s certifications.  This means that members who hold the RCR or ACR certifications are not required to take an assessment test for an available position.  

We anticipate many reporters registering for our association’s voluntary exams. “Having that ACR or RCR is now like an insurance policy. You never know when the need for an employment change may present itself, and the NYS court system offers a really excellent package,” said Debra A. Levinson. 

Plan now for the present or your future. Live practice dictation will be offered to our members for a nominal fee beginning in January 2019. Check back in 2019 for further information.




An Important Message from NYSCRA

As your Association leaders we want you to know that NYSCRA is organized for the purpose of maintaining the standards of excellence in court reporting, and promoting court reporters, captioners and CART providers. We maintain high professional standards and do not promote the use of electronic recording, digital reporting, nor any other means of capturing the spoken word, other than the stenographic skills that we all worked so hard to achieve.

There has been quite a bit of chatter on Facebook about NYSCRA's February 17, 2019 event. As an Association we do not promote any agency, agency owner, transcription service, electronic recording company or digital recording company or any other industry that chooses to sponsor or make a donation. For their participation and support of an event, they get recognition from NYSCRA.

Again, we wish to reiterate that NYSCRA promotes the fields of court reporting, captioning, student recruitment, training and the standards of excellence.

Nancy Silberger
NYSCRA President

 NYSCRA President's Message

As President of NYSCRA, I welcome you to our website and invite you to explore all that your Association offers.

We have several member discounts you can take advantage of.  You can find them under "The Association" tab.  If you know of any business who would like to offer the Association member discounts, please feel free to forward their contact information to me.  

Remember, 2019 is a great year for you to get involved with NYSCRA.  You can join a committee, offer suggestions of what you, as a member, would like your Association to address or let us know who/what you might like to see at our 2020 Convention. 

I look forward to making 2019 a great year for our members and NYSCRA.

Nancy Silberger, President