NYSCRA announces the agenda for the November 2, 2019 Mini-Convention – Register today!!

NYSCRA is pleased to announce the agenda for our November 2, 2019 Mini-Convention. This event will be held at Plaza College in Forest Hills, NY.  Attendee will have the opportunity to receive .65 NCRA CEUs for attending the various sessions.

The NYRCR and NYACR exams will be offered at the Plaza College site and in Amherst, NY.

The NYSCRA Annual Meeting will be held during the lunch session.  At this Annual Meeting the NYSCRA Leadership will update the attendees on a variety of association activities and Install the newly elected Board Members.

The exciting educational agenda includes the following sessions:

  1. Planning your Financial Future

  2. What a new reporter needs to know about working for a Court Reporting Agency

  3. Post-Retirement Opportunities for Court Reporters

  4. Teachers Workshop

  5. Keeping the Profession Strong – A panel discussion

We will also be offering a full day Student Forum. 

We kept the registration rates very affordable at $80.00 for NYSCRA members and if you are a NYSCRA student member there is NO CHARGE for you to attend but you still need to register so we know you will be attending.

For a full Agenda with session descriptions please CLICK HERE!



If there are any questions or you need any assistance please call NYSCRA Headquarters at 856-283-7816 or email them at [email protected].



NYSCRA Announces October 2019 NYRCR Exams

Registration period ends October 3!

The Voluntary Certification Committee is pleased to announce opening registration from September 23-October 3 for the online Realtime Certified Reporter exam (NYRCR).   Testing will be conducted during the two-week period of October 12 through October 26. 

Remember that holding one or both NYSCRA certifications confers eligibility for provisional appointment into the New York State Unified Court System in lieu of an entrance exam.

Following the grading of exams, the committee will again offer a post-exam workshop focusing on common errors as identified by the graders. 

We thank you for considering this exam while striving to attain valuable credentials.  Cumulatively, we are all raising the standards in New York State for this time-honored profession. 

Click here to register:  NYSCRA Online Testing Registration - Oct 2019 tests

Opportunities for testing are limited to members only.  To become a member, please click here: Membership Application

Please call the NYSCRA Headquarters at 856-283-7816 if you have any questions or need assistance.

Debra A. Levinson, CSR-RMR-CRR-RCR
Chair, Voluntary Certification Committee


NYSCRA is pleased to announce that the New York State Unified Court System will now recognize our voluntary certifications, the RCR and ACR, for provisional employment.  Our ACR and RCR members are immediately eligible to earn above-average salaries and receive both medical and vacation benefits. 

Voluntary Certification Committee Chair, Debra A. Levinson, CSR-RMR-CRR-RCR, worked closely with OCA to encourage them to recognize NYSCRA’s certifications.  This means that members who hold the RCR or ACR certifications are not required to take an assessment test for an available position.  

We anticipate many reporters registering for our association’s voluntary exams. “Having that ACR or RCR is now like an insurance policy. You never know when the need for an employment change may present itself, and the NYS court system offers a really excellent package,” said Debra A. Levinson. 

 NYSCRA President's Message

As President of NYSCRA, I welcome you to our website and invite you to explore all that your Association offers.

We have several member discounts you can take advantage of.  You can find them under "The Association" tab.  If you know of any business who would like to offer the Association member discounts, please feel free to forward their contact information to me.  

Remember, 2019 is a great year for you to get involved with NYSCRA.  You can join a committee, offer suggestions of what you, as a member, would like your Association to address or let us know who/what you might like to see at our 2020 Convention. 

I look forward to making 2019 a great year for our members and NYSCRA.

Nancy Silberger, President