PREPARENow is a reporting-refinement program.  It is designed to help sharpen writing, knowledge, and realtime skills generally and to prepare for court exams, the RPR, and realtime certification tests.   

It begins April 24 and meets Sunday evenings, starting at 7 pm, for 90 minutes.  There are three modules.  Each module consists of three weeks.  Register for any one session, any 3-week module, or all nine weeks.  All hosted by Dominick M. Tursi, President, NYSCRA.  If you register after a session, you will receive the recording link to that session.

Sessions are open to all, with discounts available to NYSCRA members


Hosted By:  Dominick M. Tursi, President, NYSCRA
Presenters:  Margaret Carney, Fourth Department Director, NYSCRA
                    Karen Santucci, Court Reporting Department Chair at Plaza College and Vice President, NYSCRA

April 24          Dictations 180-225 wpm
May 1             
Dictations 180-225 wpm
May 15           Dictations 180-225 wpm 

May 22            Grammar/Legal/Medical/Vocab/Spelling
May 29            Technology & Innovation (per RPR)
June 5             Ethics (per RPR)

       June 12           Dictionary Maintenance/Refinement
                               Etymology/Morphology for Realtime
       June 26           Dictation – 5’ @200 wpm
                               Easy / Hard material
                               Current-events terms
                               Word-boundary issues
       July 10            Test-Taking Techniques
                               Briefs – friend or foe
                               On-The-Job Routines


  • Single session: $25.00 NYSCRA members (including students) and $35.00 per non-member
  • Three session modules: $60.00 members (including students) and $90.00 per non-member
  • All nine sessions: $135.00 members (including students) and $225.00 per non-member


Register for All 9 Weeks:  PREPARENow Bundle

Register here for a 3-week module:

Register here for a single session:
     April 24, 2022
     May 1, 2022
     May 15, 2022

     May 22, 2022
     May 29, 2022
     June 5, 2022

     June 12, 2022
     June 26, 2022
     July 10, 2022

Contact Dom Tursi at
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