President's Message

President's Message




Happy holidays to you all. As with all things in life, time passes and brings us to new beginnings. Every two years a new Board rotates into place. For my first message as President, I want to thank the Board members who have volunteered hundreds of hours over the last two years: Immediate Past President Meredith Bonn, Vice President Adam Alweis, Treasurer, Jean Beskin, and so many others. Without the help and guidance of everyone involved, I don't think I would have been prepared to take on this new and important role.


As we move on to 2018, there is much for us to look forward to: (1) Court Reporting and Captioning Week (February 11-18, 2018); the Spring ACR/RCR test; and (3) our 2018 Convention, being held at the Melville Marriott, Melville New York, October 12-14, 2018. We have lots of exciting events on our agenda. One of our presenters is Anissa Nierenberger, a captioner and CART provider for over 25 years, and president of Start making your plans now to attend. If there is anything you would like to see presented, feel free to contact me.


About 25 plus years ago I became a member of NYSCRA immediately after graduating from court reporting school. I had heard lots of good things about NYSCRA during school and right away I knew I wanted to be a part of this organization. From that day forward I told anyone who would listen that they needed to join this great association. But it wasn't until many years later when I got a phone call from Past President, Harriet Brenner-Gittelman, asking me if I would volunteer to be Vice President; of course I said yes, and I haven't looked back since. Because of NYSCRA I have grown in many ways both professionally and personally. My advice to any new student, freelancer, official, any kind of reporter in New York State is to become a member of NYSCRA. If you are already a member, keep on renewing your membership and encourage others to do the same. We need the help of all of our members to continue to make our Association what it is today.


This past year, NYSCRA initiated free test preparation sessions to help our members pass the New York State Court test and the New York State Supreme Court Test. These classes would never have come to fruition if it weren't for Dom Tursi. He worked for months to prepare the dictations we used. Please reach out to Dom and thank him for all the hard work he did to make these classes come to life.


There was a 60% passing rate for the New York Court test as a result of the test prep sessions. I can't wait to hear how many have passed the New York State Supreme Court test. I want to thank Karen Santucci, Harriet Brenner-Gettelman, Howie Gresh, Reid Goldsmith, Debra Levinson, Charisse Kitt, Diane Molas, Anne Spessard, and Christopher Day for all their help with our NYC area test prep. Many thanks to Maia Colucci, who generously donated the use of her office in Rochester, New York and also had snacks and coffee each week. The classes were led by Meredith Bonn, with the assistance of Adam Alweis, Shauna Chambers, Mary Jane Yaeger, Judy Warner, Shari Vitalone, Debbie Bernstein, Judy Ging and Cathy Pietak.


What is your new beginning? Will you start cleaning up your dictionary, or will you start perfecting your realtime skills? Will you move from freelancing to becoming an official? Will you finally decide to become a member of NYSCRA? No matter what your choices are, give it your all. You can't have a new start without putting in the work.


In 2018, my and the Board's priority will be to make sure we give you the value of our knowledge, programs, classes and events to help you professionally. If you have found value in your membership, I encourage you to get involved with the Association. On one end of the spectrum, if you have an idea, comment, improvement or criticism you would like us to know about, please contact me. I will listen and respond to the best of my ability. That is my promise to you.


On the other end of the spectrum, if you want to do more, join one of the many committees we have. We always need volunteers. I joined NYSCRA for the knowledge, resources and events, but I've stayed and became more involved because of you, the members. I look forward to working together with the Board but more importantly, for and with you in 2018!


Nancy Silberger
President, New York State Court Reporters Association