2017 NYSCRA Membership Application Form (PDF)


Member Benefits

Why should YOU be a member of NYSCRA?

In addition to providing current members with these MEMBER-ONLY discounts*: 

NYSCRA does the following:

  • Works to maintain your rights to work in the state.
  • Administers the NYRCR (New York Realtime Court Reporter) and NYACR (New York Association Certified Reporter) voluntary certifcation exams and publishes the dates of the tests inThe Transcriptand on the website.
  • Monitors, promotes, and lobbies to pass legislation favorable to the interest of court reporters, captioners, and CART providers. Monitors legislation affecting our profession on a statewide and national basis through both our Legislative Committee and our Board. 
  • Sponsors an biennial conference featuring excellent continuing education opportunities, great speakers and updates on the latest in reporting technology.
  • PublishesThe Transcript, a quarterly newsletter containing the newest up-to-the-minute reporting developments throughout the state, highlights of board meetings, advertisements of vendors and agency owners, and names of NYSCRA officers.
  • Serves as the official affiliated state unit of the National Court Reporters Association.
  • Promotes student recruitment.
  • Organizes letter-writing campaigns on issues affecting our profession.
  • Offers members reduced rates for conventions and seminars.
  • Sends representative members to legislative boot camps, leadership conferences, and the national convention for training and education.
  • Provides reporters for demonstrations on request and attends career days throughout the state.
  • Provides an association staff person, Tim Bower, NYSCRA Executive Director, to assist members on all questions.

*Members, please log in and visit the Member Discounts page under the "The Association" tab for information about how to recieve these discounts.

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